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Violations of legal rules and regulations can have significant - and expensive - consequences for companies, their management and their employees. With constantly evolving regulatory frameworks and increasing pressure from regulatory bodies, force businesses everywhere to further develop their compliance programmes (“Compliance as a moving target”). Our extensive knowledge positions us as experts ready to provide proven compliance solutions. Our clients come to us to identify their liabilities, mitigate their risk and decrease the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their business. We create complex strategies that protect our clients’ assets and reputations while enabling them to confidently pursue their business goals.

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Our Specialists

Compliance Programs

With a constantly evolving regulatory environment, Schindler Attorneys provides the most current knowledge of the ever-moving compliance target. Our clients rely on us to create the most comprehensive compliance programs that are tailored to their specific needs and are easy to implement. Whether we are drafting codes of conduct and internal guidelines, or updating policies and procedures, our vast experience can be trusted and relied upon.

Compliance Trainings

A critical step in implementing compliance programs is training. We offer complete trainings and workshops to ensure that employees understand the importance of compliance as it pertains to their day-to-day business. We also provide support in the creation of eLearning programs.

Dawn Raids

We support our clients in the event of dawn raids and searches of business and private premises carried out by the public prosecutor’s office, the Austrian competition authorities or the European Commission. We offer tailor-made trainings and structured guidelines prepare employees on how to handle such searches. We also conduct “mock dawn-raids” (simulated search of business premises by an attorney) for our clients to test whether their existing dawn raid guidelines and staff are prepared to handle a real-life situation.

Internal Investigations

In case of suspected violations of internal or external rules and regulations, we conduct internal investigation for our clients. If necessary, we cooperate with data forensics or other specialists to establish the facts. In cooperation with our Employment Law and Corporate Teams, we decide whether and which measures need to be taken to minimize the negative impact of the compliance violation on the company.

Whistleblower Solutions

Pursuant to the Whistleblower-Directive (EU) 2019/1937, all companies with at least 250 employees, and by 17 December 2023 also companies with at least 50 employees, are obliged to have a whistleblower solution through which their employees may disclose certain infringements of law. We guide our clients through the process of implementing effective and efficient whistleblower solutions and internal processes to deal with the disclosed infringements.