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We assist our corporate clients with domestic and cross-border corporate reorganizations of all kinds, as well as the related tax and governance implications. Such corporate reorganizations may be intra-group, but may also involve unrelated parties (e.g., as a means to implement an acquisition or a joint venture). Cross border corporate migrations represent a further focus of the reorganization practice.

Mergers, Spin-Offs, etc.

Our market leading position in corporate reorganizations, in particular where there is a cross border element, makes working with Schindler Attorneys an easy choice for our clients. We not only have thorough experience with corporate reorganizations within the EU, but a particularly strong track record for corporate reorganizations involving non-EU jurisdictions as well.


Cross-border migrations are becoming increasingly important nowadays. While the EU statutory rules and case-law of the ECJ give clients certain options for migrations within the EU, migrations from and into non-EU jurisdictions are still a major challenge. Our firm has extensive experience in this area.

European Company / Societas Europaea (SE)

We exhibit vast experience in setting up structures involving the supranational Societas Europaea (SE). Such SE structures are sometimes a viable option where clients require some flexibility in the area of employee co-determination or for the ability to transfer the registered office of a corporate entity without a corporate migration within EU member states.